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We are a group of parents of students from the International School of Utrecht (ISUtrecht) who share a deep interest for the school to reach a high-quality education. We are not part of the parent support group (PSG) not the Division Council (DC), but both groups have representatives in our sounding board. Although not an official parent body within the school organization, this group, together with the leadership team has found a good way working together towards a joined goal: good quality accommodation at ISUtrecht.



The International School Utrecht (ISUtrecht) opened in August 2012 with just over 50 students in a temporary location and quickly met with a favourable response from international families.

Strong demand for the school has continued with enrolment increasing an average of 50% year over year through today, with 900 students enrolled as of April 2021.


ISUtrecht offers a strong value proposition for parents to have their children attend ISUtrecht due to a favourable location, a more affordable real estate market compared to other large cities in the Netherlands, and access to the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for their children.


Furthermore, the City of Utrecht (Gemeente) identified land for the school’s permanent location and architectural plans for the school were initiated.

Rapid growth of the student population and complications in the process to get a permanent location risk to become a distraction for the school in terms of the main goal: providing the best education for our children

Goals of this group

This group was formed to support the ISUtrecht administration in:

  • working towards securing temporary campus for January 2021 and a mid-term solution thereafter, bringing in our expertise as program/project managers, architects and civil engineers with an extensive network;

  • acting as a sounding board to collect and channel ideas from parents on the educational direction of the school, taking the limitations due to the pandemic into account.

We believe that community involvement in both tasks will only lead to positive results. This website was designed to provide an open forum to support obtaining the objectives above.  

We aim to work alongside the school administration, and particularly with the Division Council (DC), which is the legal representative for parents in the school.

We invite you to be part of our efforts. Please share your ideas and campus related questions and find additional information on:

  • Campus Sounding Board (CSB)

  • Communication regarding all related matters in the Members Area (how to connect and Archives


  • Honesty

  • Clear and proactive communication

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