Papendorp Campus

In August 2020, parents were informed that the physical location of the school was going to be transferred to Papendorp, where a modular building was to be erected with the specific purpose of housing the school prior to a final move to a permanent facility.  The goal capacity of this structure was for 1.200 students, the enrolment necessary to justify the execution for Science Park. 

However, on the 23rd of March 2021, the school informed the community that the Municipality of Utrecht was "abandoning the realisation of temporary accommodation for 1.200 students at Papendorp", thus creating chaos for any ISU campus for at least the next two school years.


Science Park Campus

The delivery of the Science Park campus has been extended several times. The original timeline was for this permanent facility to be occupied in August 2018. 

On the 23rd March 2021, we were notified via a newspaper article that the permanent building may only be available until the start of the 2024-2025 school year.



ISU and its entire community is awaiting an appropriate proposal from the Gemeente, which is expected sometime in April 2021. (postponed to the 18th of May, 21)



The campus sounding board (CSB) will focus on a short-term and mid-term solution: helping the school in minimising the time before the new campus is in operation. In order to do that the group aims to understand the timelines, finances, regulations, deliverables and availability of the ISU campus and its potential locations, both temporary and permanent. We want to guarantee that the alternatives provide the education support needed.

The sounding board will encourage the school to communicate fast and before the beginning of the new school year (2021/22).


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